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Anna's Story

Since I was a child I was drawn to natural herbs, plants and flowers; this developed into a fascination with the idea of being able to heal myself with natural products.  And so, over the years I trained in a vast range of different modalities, all of which resulted in practicing as a holistic and spiritual healer, lay homeopath and health dowser. However, as with most of us, life has spun me off in different directions providing a raft of life experiences, all of which bring beneficial and useful perspectives to my practice.

I see the work I do as complementary to modern medical science not as an alternative and, in many cases, I work alongside allopathic medicine.  For example; if you have had a heart attack it is essential to take the drugs prescribed for you, but in one recent case, when returning home the gentleman suffered terrible panic attacks and he also needed to stop smoking. Vibrational remedies helped with both of those issues along with working on his general wellbeing to restore his energy and optimism. 

I wouldn't dream of treating cancer, but there are lots of other things that healing and vibrational remedies can do to support someone who has a rigorous drug regimen. People often need help on a mental and emotional level, as well as easing some of the side affects and helping to build the immune system with herbs and nutrition. A lady I've been working with has found energetic healing and vibrational remedies enable her to handle the drug therapy with grace and regain some sense of peace.

Often people come to me as a last resort; they have done the rounds of the doctors and specialists, had all the tests and can find nothing wrong.  Dowsing can sometimes shine a light onto underlying issues and allow us to investigate different avenues. 

Whatever the issues I take a holistic approach to the problem and together we work to find a way to bring relief and ultimately health, happiness and vitality.

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