For the avoidance of any doubt I want you to know that the Holistic Dowsing and Vibrational Healing outlined on this site are practiced from the heart and as a gift to You.  This is not a business, I do not make money out of this activity, but at the same time there needs to be an exchange of energy... Below are some suggestions of how to make that exchange.

Energy Exchange


You don't need a Paypal account to transfer a donation to me, this can be done using the Guest option on the Donation Button below. Suggested amount is from £/€30 - £/€90 which includes the appointment, distant healing and any remedies being sent my mail. 

Use the email address HolisticDowsing@gmail.com to make a donation.

Do you like to Barter?


Perhaps you have a burgeoning veggie garden or maybe you are a reflexologist or massage therapist? If this is a better way for you to pay for treatments then I am totally open to discuss this kind of delightful exchange.

Let's discuss  this when you book an appointment.