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This gorgeous picture is from a book I published last year as an introduction to Dowsing, available from

It provides insights into how our world is a mass of energetic vibration and, how we can tune into that for the benefit of our health, and happiness.

There is guidance explaining how to pendulum dowse and how to use this in everyday ways to enrich your life and wellbeing; from dowsing foods that heal rather than harm, through to finding herbal and homeopathic remedies for our everyday ailments: coughs, colds, cuts and bruises!

Click on the photograph and you will see a preview of the first 15 pages... Enjoy!

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Learn to Dowse

Have you ever wondered about tuning into your sixth sense, your Extra Sensory Perception - it's not as weird, or difficult as you might think.  


ESP has been proven to exist in many scientific studies and everyone has the ability, it is just a case of having an open mind, an open heart and being interested - of course!

The variety of ways dowsing can be used is from finding an annoying water leak in your home, or discovering where an electricity cable runs in a wall so you don't drill through it when putting up a picture. Through to choosing beneficial foods, working on geopathic stress, and the health and harmony of yourself and your family.

I offer individual sessions and, when we are all allowed out and about again, will be scheduling workshops. If this is something that might interest you please do get in touch.