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Doing what you love Best - FIRST!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Three Steps To Doing What You Love – Every Day!

Do you wake up in the morning full of determination to do what you love to do and have been promising yourself, but constantly find your day being hijacked by every other possible eventuality?

Are you a freelance creative working from home, yet find getting down to work is more than difficult, because of prevarication and procrastination leading to pressurised deadlines? Are you employed but working from home and getting swamped with all the difficulties along with home schooling and everything else involved with Covid Times.

How many times do you apologise to a dear friend in a quick text or hurried email, explaining that they have been on your mind, but you just haven’t had time to pick up the phone because – yet again – life keeps getting in the way?

Why is it that what you want to do always seems to be the last thing on your list leading to frustration and sometimes depression?

The good news is, there is a way of changing this pattern through observing what we do, noticing where we expend our energies and how that makes us feel. This insight empowers us to restructure our focus to achieve the things we love to do, need to do and want to do every day.

Don’t believe me – well give this a try.

1. Step 1: write down on a piece of paper everything you do regularly every day on a personal and professional level. On another piece do the same for what you do every week, then every month and finally occasionally.

Include everything from brushing your teeth, to online banking, going to work, walking the dog or painting a picture. Scour your mind to find all the things you do and put them on the page under a personal or professional heading.

2. Step 2: requires you to take three pieces of paper and on the first put three headings along the top:

· Things I hate doing

· Things I need to do

· Things I ought to do

On the second page the following headings:

· Things I wish to do

· Things I like doing

· Things I choose to do

On the third page put one heading:

· Things I love to do

Now look carefully at your activity sheets and ask yourself, “How do I feel about brushing my teeth?” “Do I really want to walk the dog?” “Do I meditate because I want to or because Mindfulness is fashionable??” Go inside and ask yourself where each of your activities land against each of the headings then write it down.

You may be surprised at the way things show up and don’t be afraid to put things in places that your rational brain does not agree with.

For example: I’ve had a natural health practice for years, and when doing this exercise I started off assuming that ‘I choose’ to see clients and make remedies. Then I noticed a bit of a twitch inside that said, are you sure? I sat with it for a moment and suddenly I down graded my practice from ‘choose to’ to ‘ought to’. OMG! This was a real wakeup call and one that has incurred a rethink about how I interact with clients. As a result I've discovered a new model that works so much better and has turned my practice back into something I LOVE!

So, work through your list of activities putting them under each of the headings depending how you truly feel about them.

Look at your page and consider where you have put each of these activities and how much time you spend doing them. Could it be that you spend most of your day doing the things you need and ought to do and very little time doing the things you love to do?

Step 3: this is the good bit…

As you sit and look at the different categories and their activities, it brings clarity to how we spend our days and how we use our time. I realised that I spend way too much time putting everything in front of what I love to do. With this information staring me in the face I could see plainly how this happens and devised a way to change it.

Instead of spending all my time doing everything from watering the pot plants to walking the dogs before I start writing or working with people that contact me (which is my love) I decided to kick off my day by doing what I love best. Even if I only do it for half an hour before all the other things muscle their way in. If I have done what I love first then everything else in my life falls into place. I no longer have the stress that I ‘have to get everything else done before I can do what I really want to do’ and this means I am no longer resentful of the stuff that crowds my day. I am also more discerning during the day and can look at the washing up and say – I’ll do that after I’ve spent half an hour writing my blog. It is a conscious decision, therefore I don’t feel guilty and guess what - it works!

Of course you can work with this in all sorts of ways. Perhaps you have a variety of different painting genres that you practice, but are not sure which one should take precedence. Do the same exercise with a list of the different types and styles of painting you do. Could it be that the oil painting you have been working so hard to accomplish actually ends up in the ‘ought to’ column and watercolour is in the ‘love to do’ category?

They say that understanding a problem is the first step to fixing it – so dig out your paper and pencil and do it… it has to be put on paper to reap the benefit and you won’t believe how this simple exercise can change how you view your world and most importantly how you can live and love your life by merely viewing and organizing it differently.

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