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Jobs or Joy?

I wrote a piece earlier in the year called Doing What You Love Best - FIRST. Sometimes I think it would be helpful if I listened to myself!

In recent weeks I have found myself feeling a bit stressed and anxious for no good reason. Why, I thought, am I feeling a bit jittery? Why does everything feel like a chore? Why is it that all I can see is Jobs to be done? Where is my Joy?

You guessed it...

I had stopped doing some of my own regular practices. I was not meditating regularly in the morning, (even 6 minutes makes a difference) I had stopped doing what I LOVE first, (even 10 minutes feels good) and life had taken on a different hue.

So, this is a very short blog to say - these things work and, as I know to my cost, when I drop the habit, happiness drops me!

I had become wound up by a load of annoying paper work that needed attending to and in my inimitable way I focused on the jobs not on my joy which, If I had done it the other way around would have made the jobs so much easier!

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