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Larger Forces at Work...

Thanks to Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

I’m sure there are larger forces at work, creating miracles all over the place, large or small, good and bad. The sun and the wind, the energy of the land and the life force of rain all play their part. Talking of which, we have had some wet weather here in the lower Alentejo. I loved every drop and thought I could almost hear the grass beginning to grow. However, I hate to be picky, nor do I want to appear ungrateful but… the amount of precipitation is so not enough.

Of course, I am grateful that the countryside is not so parched and looks less barren. But I can’t relax about water levels until our lake starts to fill. Looking at photos from this time last year, it was half full and at the moment it is just a couple of puddles.

I am sure that the Nature Spirits sent out the usual autumnal memo to the Spirit of Rain but it must have landed in the wrong inbox, or letter box, or in-tray, whatever it is they use nowadays. Hard to tell, as everything moves so fast and it’s tricky to keep up.

Anyway, back to the Nature Spirits. I’m sure they distributed their seasonal newsletter, reminding all the various devas, fairies and so on, that it is now November, the temperatures should be cooling down and sensible amounts of rain are to be programmed in regularly. Clearly, it hasn’t arrived. Or maybe it was never dispatched… could they also be facing a post-pandemic staff shortage or is everyone still working from home? Perhaps it’s not only the material world that has ground to a shuddering halt. Either way, this morning brought a bright fresh start to the day, which turned into a scorcher.

There I was, ready to carry out some autumnal tasks in the garden. But as I became hotter and hotter and increasingly cross, I decide I better stop before I blew a gasket. I mean, really? What happened to bright, crisp days to twiddle away in a flower bed gently trimming back the flora, replanting pots and mulching? Instead, I am wondering if I ought not to be dragging out the hose to water everything.

I know you are shaking your head and wondering if I’m not up to date with the results of climate change and the overarching climate cycles. Well, of course I appreciate all of that but, I still enjoy wonders and surprises even at my great age. The miracle of newborn life, the miracle of our skin reinventing itself over a 7year period or our bones over 10. And I like to fantasize that there are forces greater than us at work, who can punch a hole in all the theories, studies and scientific data. Producing safe amounts of rain, (no one wants a monsoon) just where it’s needed, as it’s needed. When there are miracles happening all over the place, all the time, it is important to hope.

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