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Where is your Dream?

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Has anyone ever asked you where your dream is actually located in a time frame?

Someone asked me that recently and I immediately said: “Oh, way out there… Always in the distance. Always unattainable.”

“Do you realise what you have just said?” Replied my friend.

I stopped and thought for a moment before bursting into laughter and saying “Oh My Goodness - I’ve just said that my dream is always in the future, always unattainable.

In that moment I realised I had spent my entire life believing my dreams were in the future, not in the present, something to be struggled and strived for and therefore, never achieved. This had led to a lack of satisfaction with current circumstances and only the briefest celebration of a dream created, realised and lived, before rushing off to the next goal or ambition. A constant merry-go-round of dissatisfaction and sense of not being quite good enough.

The reality is that everything we need, everything that makes us happy inside and fulfilled is already here ~ what we have to do is open our eyes to see it. Changing our perception and realising that when we struggle and strive to achieve our so called dreams we are often not noticing what is already in front of us.

We are all faced with challenges, perhaps money problems, relationship upheaval, personal or global catastrophes, but it is always how we think and deal with these circumstances, rather the circumstances themselves, that bring us joy or sorrow.

Of course we all enjoy day dreaming and have hopes and aspirations but, if we remind ourselves not to keep running after them and instead bring our attention closer to home, we very well may notice that our desires are already arriving in our lives more quickly than we can possibly imagine.

Do you have a dream? And, if so, where is it located? Close to you? Somewhere in the distance? A dream that is kept in your minds eye but never in reality?

Go find it and bring it home…

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