Honest and Reliable

"I have been very fortunate to benefit from Anna’s professional holistic healing work for over 10 years. She has also supported various family members with a range of different health problems with resounding success.  Anna has worked alongside conventional medicine to support us in cases of grief, stress, trauma, panic attacks, cancer, menopause, heart attack and severe face and body burns on my eighteen month old granddaughter.  As well as taking remedies or using her creams, when she works energetically and from a distance it has, in some cases, felt as though a switch has been thrown. Most recently Anna has helped my sister in Cologne who is undergoing cancer treatment. The vibrational intervention has alleviated many of the side affects and my sister has regained her appetite and courage for life. Thank you."

Helga Brochhaus Mürtz - Alentejo Portugal

"Anna's care and comforting approach has guided me over a number of years both emotionally, when I suffered an intense bereavement and physically with various health issues.  I totally believe in her natural approach to healing".

Katrina Rose - London UK

"Anna, you have been a great help throughout the years with various health issues... I always love a session with you; afterwards I am refreshed, re-energised, and happy.

You have also helped our dogs, horses, cats and sheep with both their large and small injuries and ailments.

Your selection of remedies is huge, there is always something to choose from and your various creams are a joy to use.”

Charlotte Wherli - Alentejo Porgtual

"Anna is a very intuitive and gifted healer and has been helping me over the last couple of years with some health issues. She is nurturing and attentive, and takes an interest in the person she is helping. She is extremely knowledgeable, providing explanations that are thorough and clear, with an overall approach that is supportive and kind. I feel very well looked after and can't recommend her highly enough."

Claire Ng Martin - Ireland